Materials care

Wood is a natural element that adapts to weather conditions in which it is located, absorbing or releasing moisture. Thermal stress can deteriorate or alter its original condition. It is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, high humidity environments, or to place these objects near excessive heat.


Your writing instrument is manufactured using quality materials. Mainly with wood but also with resin, metal, mother of pearl and precious stones. To assure a long life to your writing instrument, protect it from damage or breakage and keep it away from heat or moisture.


The pen that requires more attention is without any doubt the fountain pen. This is due to its writing mechanism more complex than a traditional ball-point pen or roller pen. For this reason, I recommend you to clean your own writing instrument approximately every three months to keep it in perfect condition. Clean only with lukewarm water without using chemicals. To clean the fountain pen mechanism and the cap is therefore important to always use a damp lint-free cloth. To prevent Ink leaks, make sure it is always full of ink and carry it with the nib pointing upwards.


Clean the body with lukewarm water. continue to fill the pen until the water runs clear. Never fill the water cap to clean it, but use a damp lint-free cloth.