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Definitions, characteristics and application of the legislation

Cookies are small text files that the websites visited by the user send and record on his/her personal computer or mobile device, these cookies are then re-transmitted to the same websites upon the user's subsequent visit. Precisely because of cookies, a website remembers the user's actions and preferences (such as login data, chosen language, font size, other display settings, etc.) in such a way that they do not have to be newly indicated when the user returns to visit the above-mentioned website or browse from one page to another. Therefore, cookies are used to perform computer authentications, to monitor sessions and store information concerning the activities of the users who access a website. Cookies may also contain a unique identification code that enables a user's browsing within the website to be tracked for statistical or advertising purposes. While browsing a website, the user may also receive cookies from websites or web servers other than the one he/she is visiting (so-called "third-party" cookies) on his/her computer or mobile device. Some operations may not be able to be performed without the use of cookies, which in some cases are, therefore, technically necessary for the functioning of the above-mentioned website.

There are various types of cookies, according to their characteristics and functions, and these can remain on the user's computer or mobile device for different periods of time.


Pursuant to Article 13 of Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 (Code regarding the protection of personal data) and the provision of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data in relation to "Identification of simplified procedures for information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies - 8 May 2014 "Ruggero Pallaoro provides the following information about the use of cookies on its website
The ruggeropallaoro website uses cookies in order to offer a quick and safe digital experience, for example, allowing you to keep the connection to the reserved area active while browsing through the pages of the site; store credentials in secure mode. The cookies stored on the computer cannot be used to recall any data from the hard disk, transmit computer viruses or identify and use the owner's e-mail address. Each cookie is unique in relation to the browser and device used to access the Ruggeropallaoro site


 1. Technical cookies

 a. Navigation cookies

These cookies are necessary to navigate on this site; allow functions such as authentication, validation, management of a browsing session and fraud prevention. Your use of these cookies does not require your prior consent:

These are cookies that:

  • They allow you to verify that access to the Reserved Area has taken place regularly
  • They allow to navigate easily through the pages of the site. 

 2. Analytical cookies

These third-party cookies allow us to collect information (only anonymous and aggregate statistics) on the use of the Site by users. These are cookies that: Allow us to detect the number of visitors to the site, the pages visited, the time spent on the site etc ...).

This website uses the analytics provider, Google Analytics. A Google analysis tool which, through the use of cookies (performance cookies), collects anonymous navigation data  exclusively aggregated in order to examine the use of the site by users, compiling reports on the activities on the site and provide other information, including the number of visitors and the pages visited

You can opt out of Google Analytics by installing Google's Browser Opt-Out Add-On.

3. Social cookies

These third-party cookies allow users to interact with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube). These are cookies that:

  • allow you to share site content through social networks. To use these cookies, your prior consent is required 

You can disable the third-party social cookies used on the Website listed below with the address at the link of the respective privacy policy


At the first access to any page of the Site, a banner appears containing a simplified information. By continuing to browse, by accessing another area of the site or selecting an item of the same (for example, an image or a link), You are consenting to the use of cookies.

It is possible to modify and manage cookie preferences by accessing the setting of the same banner or:

a. the user can accept site cookies or disable them

b. modify them through the browser settings changing the settings

The Ruggero Pallaoro website uses third-party cookies, they are cookies of sites or web servers different from the one of the owner of this site, used for the purposes of such third parties, including analytical and profiling cookies. It should be noted that these third parties, listed below with the relative hypertext links to the privacy policies, act as autonomous data controllers of the data collected through the cookies sent by them, therefore the user must refer to their processing policies. personal data, information and any consent collection forms (selection and de-selection of the respective cookies).

Links to the respective disclosures on the use of cookies are listed below which grant access to the consent forms provided (as required by the Provision):

- Internet Explorer 

- Chrome 

- Firefox 

- Opera 

- Safari 

We remind you that disabling all cookies, including browsing and functional cookies, could cause disruption to navigation on this site. For example, you can visit the public pages of the site, but it may not be possible to access the Reserved Area or make purchases.


The following table lists the cookies that the site is collecting and which information they store.

Nome Cookie

Descrizione Cookie


Stores the randomly generated key used to prevent forged requests


The ID of the session on the server.


Allows guests to view and edit their orders.


A link to your cart information and view history, if you've requested this.


STF information on the products you have emailed to friends.


The store view or selected language.


Indicates if a customer is allowed to use cookies.


Facilitates caching of content in the browser to speed up page loading.


Facilitates caching of content in the browser to speed up page loading.


Facilitates caching of content in the browser to speed up page loading.


Facilitates caching of content in the browser to speed up page loading.


Facilitates caching of content in the browser to speed up page loading.


Facilitates caching of content in the browser to speed up page loading.


Facilitates caching of content in the browser to speed up page loading.


Facilitates translation of content into other languages.


Facilitates translation of content into other languages.

This website uses the AddThis service for sharing social networks pages. Further information can be consulted at the following address: