Payments methods



Credit card

On this site you can make payments through STRIPE with Credit card (credit, debit and prepaid card). STRIPE is the new standard for online payments. The payment system with more than a million customers in 120 countries, including names like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Nasdaq and Facebook, just to name a few. Furthermore, with Stripe payment management is very direct and intuitive and all payments are guaranteed by one of the most sophisticated security levels. Stripe implies the PCI standard for which level 1 has been certified.

You can find more information about STRIPE at the following link:

PayPal Account - PayPal helps protect buyers and sellers with their own protection programs.

After confirming the order, you will be redirected to the PayPal site where you will be asked to log in to your account and make the payment. PayPal is accepted in 203 countries and 26 currencies.

You can find more information about Paypal at the following link:

Advance bank transfer

You can make the bank transfer in advance using the bank details that will be communicated to you in the order confirmation. As soon as payment is made, send a copy of the receipt to the following email address, entering the order number as a reference. Only after receiving this document, the order will be taken and processed. In case of failure to receive the payment receipt, the order will remain unpaid for three (3) days, after which it will be canceled. This payment method expects processing times over three (3) working days.

Exceptions for weights over 30 kg and for international shipments:

Orders over 30 kg and all other international orders are not displayed when ordering online. Your order will be put on hold, a delivery cost will be calculated and we will tell you the total cost. Only after obtaining the full cost we will proceed with the shipment.

For any more information don't hesitate to send an e-mail to the following address: and you will be immediately contacted.