Canopi sculpture vase


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Centenary walnut sculpture vases with hand-forged nail (originally present in the log) with 22 kt pure gold leaf

Sculpture concept:

This work is a tribute to the ancient miners who settled in the Mòcheni valley in the period between the fifteenth and the beginning of the sixteenth century. This migratory wave was made up of miners and entrepreneurs of predominantly German origin who came from some regions of central Europe where they had refined more than elsewhere technical and professional skills in the mining sector. They settled in this valley almost exclusively to devote themselves to mining and were called cànopi (‘knòppn’ in mòcheno dialect, from the German ‘Bergknappen’, which means miners).

- Large sculpture vase H40 cm x Ø30 cm, pure gold leaf 22 Kt, hand-forged nail also with pure gold leaf 22 Kt

- Small sculpture vases H23 cm and H26 x Ø12 cm, pure gold leaf 22 Kt

Code: CA-012016

Wood: centenary walnut ( Mochèni valley Trentino, Italy)

Metallic parts : hand forged antique nail, 22k pure gold leaf

Other materials: glossy lacquer finish