Porphyry-ebony ring


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SKU: Anello ebano porfido

Turned ebony ring, entirely hand-finished with inlay of Trentino porphyry. Perfectly suited to a dynamic and sporty man and who loves bringing to light the passion for nature. Very light and comfortable to wear.


In order to correctly determine your own measurement, measure the inside diameter of a ring that fits you comfortably. The measurement in millimeters must be taken precisely.

Once you have the exact diameter suitable for your finger, you just need to let us know (write to info@ruggeropallaoro.com) and we will make your exclusive ring the way you want it, customized with the wood you prefer.

Production time: 5 days

Made in Italy

Wood: Gaboon Ebony ( Equatorial West Africa)

Other materials: porphyry (Trentino, Italy)