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Organza sachet with Swiss pine chippings (pinus cembra). Contains real handmade fragrant Swiss pine curls. It can be placed in any room in your home. This sachet releases a pleasant fragrance of pine wood for a pleasant feeling of well-being. The Swiss pine is a powerful mothproof, so it is recommended to store the bag in cabinets and drawers.

Made in Italy

The Swis pine pine, known for centuries for its calming properties, is able to decrease the heart beats and promotes relaxation. It is therefore considered a perfect ally for good rest. It is also an excellent antibacterial and mothproof to be used in cabinets and drawers. Studies conducted at the Austrian research center Joanneum Research have scientifically demonstrated that Swiss pine has a positive effect on stress reduction and on the body's ability to recover.

Property in brief:
• A quieter sleep thanks to the markedly reduced heart rate
• An antibacterial effect (especially for those who suffer from allergies)
• It increases the sense of physical and mental well-being
• protects naturally from moths and insects
• combats daily stress

Wood: Swiss pine shavings (pinus Cembra) from Trentino - Italy

Other materials: organza sachet